Project: Line Feeding / Material Replenishment

In the car production of automobile manufacturers Call Buttons are used for material replenishment in KANBAN processes.

The Call Buttons are compact devices with push-button, LC display, microprocessor, WLAN radio module (802.11b standard) and a battery set.

When replenishment of parts is needed at a certain point of the production line, the request can be sent over WLAN to the server by pressing the button. The server then releases a transportation order for the fork lift trucks.

On WLAN Radio Terminals of the available fork lift trucks, the open jobs are displayed. The driver accepts the order and completes it by picking the parts that are associated to the calling Call Button at the storage location and bringing it to the assembly point. Source and destination are shown on the terminal screen.

On the Call Button the current order status is shown for information of the requester.

A standalone execution of the order with notification of the transportation order result to the ERP software is possible as well as a simple trigger at a present storage logistics application.


As the hardware devices we use tronic Call Buttons and tronic terminals (VistaPlus). These units were developed by us in cooperation with our partners tronic and ADE Vertriebs GmbH.

The Software for this system was programmed by us and consists of Rabus Communication and Administration Server for the central administration of the devices and a customer specific application server with a Telnet Server for the terminal clients.

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