Dextel - Terminal Emulation for Mobile Devices

Dextel is a VT220 Telnet Client for Mobile Devices (Smart Devices) runing under WindowsCE / PocketPC or DOS. Customer specific wishes can be realized. The emulation IBM5250 is projected.


Screenshot 1- Terminal Emulation Screenshot 2- Terminal Emulation= Screenshot 3- Terminal Emulation

Screenshots VC5090 Fork Lift Terminal:

Screenshot 1 - Staplerterminal

Screenshot 2 - Staplerterminal

Screenshot 3 - Staplerterminal

Key features:

  • VT220 / VT100 Emulation, supports VT Forms mode
  • IBM5250 Emulation
  • XML configuration file which can be edited with a standard text (or XML) editor and can easily be copied to multiple devices (compatible on different device types)
  • The most important settings can be modified via menu access (optionally password protected)
  • Language file (XML) for localisation can be adapted by customer (supports all European characters – even Cyrillic or Greek; Japanese / Chinese on request)
  • Special keyboard settings without need to remap the keyboard layout by the Symbol kbtools (which might affect other applications on the device), e.g.:
    • Using CTRL + digit as function keys
    • Using SHIFT as TAB key
    • Disabling unwanted keys (e.g. ALPHA)
  • Macro keys (string of characters to be sent on one key press) for ESC, GreenKey, RedKey, CTRL + digit (more on request)
  • Automacros (string sent on appearance of a special string from the host) for auto login or skipping masks in the application
  • SIP (soft input panel) accessible
  • Special soft panel with customizable keys
  • Barcode scanning
  • Window settings (screen resolution in number of characters (x, y) and font size) to optimally adjust the viewing area to the application
  • Full screen mode
  • Viewing area panning by arrow keys
  • Automatic viewing area positioning to the cursor
  • Emulator codepage adjustable
  • Communication logging for analysis
  • Tools to replay host sessions with the log files (optionally)
  • Keyboard tester integrated
  • Evaluation version available

VC5090 vehicle terminal additions:

  • Touch panel keyboard with ergonomically arranged keys around the emulator screen, customisable (by us) to the keys qualified for the specific customer application
  • Can be switched to Full QWERTY keyboard
  • Keyboard mappings can be configured via language file (XML)

These are the devices that are supported (more on request):

  • Motorola / Symbol MC9090  (Windows Mobile 5.0 or WindowsCE 5.0)
  • Motorola / Symbol MC9060  (Windows Mobile 2003 or WindowsCE 4.2)
  • Motorola / Symbol MC3000  (MC3090 WindowsCE 5.0 or MC3070 WindowsCE 4.2)
  • Motorola / Symbol MC50 and MC70
  • Motorola / Symbol WT4000 (WT4090 WindowsCE 5.0) Wearble Terminal
  • Motorola / Symbol VC5090 (WindowsCE 5.0) with touch keyboard
  • Symbol PDT8046 and PDT8146 (PocketPC 2002)
  • further on request

Dextel for DOS devices by Motorola / Symbol Technologies

  • PDT3140, PDT3146
  • PDT6846
  • WSS1040, WSS1060

Customisation that can be done by us:

  • Customer logo can be included, colours can be adapted to corporate identity
  • Customised touch keyboard
  • Customised keyboard mapping
  • Customised scanner handling
  • Integration with other applications


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