WLAN Call Button

For energy-saving reasons, the CallButton is powered off at standby time (except LC display and alarm clock circuit). On occurence of one of the following events it wakes up and connects to Rabus Server via TCP/IP over WLAN:

After sending a communication telegram for the appropriate event the CallButton waits for a response from Rabus Server or the webserver, resp. with new display contents and lamp state. After reception it powers off. During standby, the CallButton is not able to communicate with the host. Thus, a communication transaction is always initiated by the CallButton, never by the server.


The Call Button is designed for easy installation (without external power supply) and long maintainance-free operation time. It contains a long-life battery and a sophisticated power management, so that it can be operated several years - depending on duty cycle -  without battery change. The Call Button operates with a proprietary firmware lacking of a standard operating software in order to go with as few as possible resources.

Technical Data:

Housing Robust industrial case
Material Plastics PS (Polysterol)
Color Rape yellow, RAL 1021
Dimensions 150 x 82 x 60 mm³
Display LCD, reflective
Button >1.000.000 operations
Interface RS232, external inputs
Power supply Industrial battery
Carrier flexible bracket
Signal indicator 0,25 W, radial beam
Environmental Sealing IP 54
Weight 980 g incl. battery
Operating temperature -20°C to +40°C
Storage temperature -20°C to +70°C
Antenna inside
CPU-Technology Embedded Microprocessor
RTC Internal Real Time Clock
Layer technology 2-Layer, SMD
Resoponse time less than 1 sec (w/o host resp. time)
Radio, WLAN
Frequency 2,4 to 2,485 GHz; Direct Sequence
Standard IEEE 802.11b
Encryption WEP 40 / 128 Bit
Capacity 20,1 Ah
Self discharge ca. 2% per Year
Operation time up to 5 years
OS Rabus Administration Server: Windows
Webserver: any
Protocols TCP/IP, DHCP, HTTP or Rabus
Firmware Update via WLAN or RS232
Configuration Config via WLAN or RS232
Visible area 75 x 25 mm²
Characters 4 x 20
Font 5 x 7
Contrast Ratio 30:1

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