Call Button Application

A Call Button application can communicate with the devices in two different ways:

1) Communication over Rabus

The application communicates over Rabus Communication and Administration Server with the Call Button units using a proprietary protocol (TCP/IP). Rabus Server buffers the Call Button states and handles the distribution of the information.

2) Communication with standard webserver using the HTTP protocol

Alternatively, the Call Buttons can be configured to communicate with the application directly using the HTTP protocol. A Call Button event (e.g. push-button pressed, barcode scanned) connects to the host and requests a URL. The host in turn responds with a page to be displayed on the device. In this case Rabus Server is no longer used for the application communication, but only for monitoring and administering the Call Buttons.

As an example the Call Button system is used within a Line Feeding Application for material replenishment at the production line of automobile manufacturers.

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