Rabus Administration Server

Rabus Server allows central administration and monitoring of the Call Buttons over WLAN TCP/IP.


Comm Server

Any transaction between Call Button and Rabus Server is recorded. Thus, the current state of each Call Button can be viewed with the administration tools Rabus Monitor and Rabus Admin.

Rabus Monitor

Rabus Admin

Alert Server

Rabus Server keeps the correct functioning of the Call Buttons under surveillance and is able to record abnormalities and raise an alarm for the administrators (e.g. per e-Mail). Examples:

Update Server

Rabus Server monitors the current configuration of all Call Buttons and is able to deploy firmware updates and configuration changes to the Call Buttons.

Application Server

When Rabus Server is used as communication server, the host application connects to Rabus using the Rabus protocol (TCP/IP). The application is notified of Call Button communication events, processes the events and responds with text to be displayed and the flash indictor state to be set.

Rabus Server can also be used to simulate an application by generating messages and respond to Call Button events by itself.

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